Recipe – PINEAPPLE PULISSERY (pineapple in yogurt gravy)

Pulissery is a traditional authentic dish from Kerala and is one of the many dishes served at Onam sadhya (grand feast). Prepared in many malayalee homes, it has a lovely combination with subtle flavours. The sweetness from the pineapple, spice from green/red chillies and sourness from curd topped with tempering/tadka makes this curry refreshingly light and incredibly delicious.

My mum would make pulissery with semi-ripe fruits like mango, kerala banana (nendranpazham) and pineapple along with spicy stir fries. Fond memories of my childhood brings the light of other days around me, each time I prepare this dish. Knowing that it is one of my favourites, mum would ladle generous amount of this curry over the rice and yours truly gobbling down with additional servings of rice, some crispy poppadums heartily.

Here in this recipe, I have used freshly grated coconut, sour curd/yogurt and fresh semi-ripe pineapple. If the curd or yogurt is not sour, leave it on the counter-top at room temperature. The yellow colour of the curry is due to the presence of turmeric being added. The use of green and whole dried red chillies gives a spicy touch. Warm water is added so that the coconut mixture is grounded into a fine smooth paste. Serve it with boiled rice, poppadums and your favourite choice of spicy stir fry – Heavenly!!

prep time : 20 mins, cooking time : 15 mins, serves : 6-8, cuisine : kerala, author : gloria


1 medium sized semi-ripe pineapple

1 tsp ground turmeric

2-3 green chillies (slit)

1 ½ cup curd/yogurt (lightly beaten)

salt to taste

to grind into a smooth paste

200 gms grated coconut

3 green chillies

2 curry leaves

¾ tsp cumin seeds

for tempering

1 tsp coconut oil

1 tsp mustard seeds

8 nos fenugreek seeds

4 whole dried red chillies (broken)

few curry leaves


Using a sharp knife, cut top and bottom portion of the pineapple. Cut off the skin and centre core; remove brown spots with the help of a paring knife. Chop it into chunks.

Tip into a saucepan, adding little water, turmeric, slit green chillies, 4 curry leaves and salt. Allow it to cook with lid till soft and tender.

Meanwhile, grind ingredients mentioned under ‘to grind’ into a fine smooth paste adding little warm water.

Once the pineapple is cooked, add the ground coconut paste mixture. Keeping the heat on low, cook for 2-3 minutes. Season to taste and switch off heat.

Now, add the beaten curd/yogurt and combine everything together.

Finally, let’s do the tempering/tadka. Add coconut oil in a small pan. Reduce heat to low and tip in mustard seeds; once it splutters, add curry leaves, fenugreek seeds and broken red chillies. Stir for few seconds; pour it right away to the prepared curry.

Enjoy it with rice, poppadum, pickle and your favourite choice of stir fry.


Sandwiches are easy, portable, quick and delicious. I love to make sandwiches and try out different variations to it. Today, am sharing a simple and healthy sandwich; if all ingredients are available at the counter-top, it can be done in a jiffy.

Total prep time : 20 mins, Serves 4-6


Bread (white, brown, multigrain, choice is yours)

Butter as per choice

1 egg (hard-boiled and shelled)

1 tbsp carrot (grated) (optional)

lettuce (washed and cut into fine shreds) as per choice

2 ½ tbsp cheese (grated)

salt and crushed pepper to taste


Place egg in a small saucepan and add cold water to cover eggs by 1”. Keeping the heat on high, bring water to a rolling boil, uncovered. Take the pan off the heat and switch off flame. Let it sit for 12 minutes covered. Remove with a slotted spoon and place under cold running water. Crack egg and peel them. Now, slice them thinly; season with salt, crushed pepper and a dash of garam-masala. Reserve.

Spread butter evenly on bread slices.

Put little shredded lettuce, little grated carrot, thin slice of egg and cheese on one slice.

Cover with the other slice of bread. Gently press together.

Taking a wide pan, drizzle little butter and place the sandwich. Toast till it reaches brown in colour and crunchy.

Cut into triangles and serve warm immediately.

My observations/notes :

  • cabbage can be used instead of lettuce




Ceviche is a hugely popular sea food dish in South America. Traditionally, it is made with fresh raw sea food marinated long hours with lemon juice and salt. It can be served as a salad dish or appetizer and enjoyed with tacos too. The vital part of this dish is to use fresh prawns (fragrant clean smell of the sea) and prepare it on the same day. I have eaten ceviche for the first time when I went to a Mexican restaurant with my family; it was there on their menu. The dish was refreshing, light, delicious and appealing. I immediately wanted to try it out. Here, is my version of Prawns Ceviche;

Light, refreshing blend of zesty lemon juice marinated prawns tossed with bright colours of avocado, tomato and many other ingredients enjoyed best as a wonderful appetizer or salad.

Total prep time:1hr&20 mins, cuisine:international, serves: 4, author : gloria


1 cup prawns (peeled/de-veined/cleaned and chopped)

1 lemon (hand-squeezed)

1 small onion chopped/minced

1-2 red chilly pepper or serrano pepper or green chilly chopped/minced

1 tomato chopped

¼ cup cucumber chopped

¼ tsp ketchup

½ avocado

a bunch of coriander leaves (washed/chopped)

sea salt

a pinch of pepper

extra virgin olive oil (optional)


Chop the cleaned and de-veined prawns into 1/2” pieces and lightly cook it with salt in a pan for 3 minutes. The prawns will cook on its own moisture. Transfer it into a glass or stainless steel bowl.

Hand-squeeze lemon into the prawns. Add onion, chilly, tomato and cucumber. Combine till everything is well incorporated. Cling wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Just before serving, add the ketchup, avocado and coriander leaves and ¼ tsp salt. Stir gently to mix and allow it to rest for 20 minutes. Garnish with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and pinch of pepper.

Serve immediately and enjoy!!!!

My observations/notes:

  • can use 1 small raw mango to the dish

  • can also add mint leaves

  • can use shallots instead of onions


Carrots are ultimate health food and are highly nutritious. They provide good source of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Carrots have numerous health benefits. They are sweet, tasty and crunchy. We love this root vegetable and a bowl of peeled carrots are often kept on the table. My little one loves to munch over it. I buy fresh carrots from the farmers’ market and make several  dishes like carrot rice, carrot sandwich, raitas, salads, milkshakes, cakes etc..

Garlic strengthen immune system and helps the body to fight several diseases. I have put the two healthiest ingredients together to make this delicious dish. It’s simple and can be done in a jiffy with minimal spice ingredients. Serve it along side dal, hot steamed rice or phulkas/rotis.  The leftovers make an interesting sandwich too for breakfast or for your lunchbox!!!

Simple, quick, easy to prepare Garlic Carrot Fry with the crunchiness of carrot flavoured with golden browned garlic combined with nuttiness of the cashew nuts and kick of pepper.


Prep time : 15 mins, Cooking time : 15 mins, Cuisine : Indian, Serves 4, Author : Gloria


1 cup carrot julienned or diced or sliced into matchsticks

½ tbsp chopped/sliced garlic

1-2 red chilly pepper or serrano pepper or green chilly chopped

¼ tsp turmeric powder/haldi

½ tsp cumin powder

1 tsp crushed pepper

1 tsp cashew nuts (toasted lightly and crushed)

3 tsp soya sauce

salt to taste



Take a pan and into a pre-heated oil, add garlic. Fry till it reaches light golden brown in colour for few minutes.

Add turmeric powder, cumin powder, salt and cashewnuts stir for few seconds.

Now, add carrots. Mix till everything is well incorporated. Cover and cook on medium heat till the carrots are crunchy around 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Uncover and add soya sauce. Stir to combine nicely. Cook further for 2 minutes more.

Finally, add crushed peppercorns. Mix well. and after few minutes switch off heat.

Garnish with your favorite choice of herbs.

Enjoy it with rotis, phulkas or as a side dish to steamed rice.

My observations/notes

  • use tender carrots for this preparation

  • can use peanuts or almonds instead of cashew nuts




Recipes – SAUTEED WHITE ASPARAGUS (asparagus sabzi)

Asparagus is a low calorie vegetable packed with antioxidants and are great addition to any meal. There are three kinds of asparagus green, white, and purple. The common type of asparagus we see in the supermarkets are green. White Asparagus have pleasant taste, mild and delicate flavour. Thin tender spears can be cooked directly and thick stalks require peeling before using in recipes. Available during spring, we enjoy cooking asparagus steamed with melted butter, pepper, herbs, topped with cheese or stir-fried/sauteed along with other vegetables and in salads too.

Delicate flavour and tender texture of white asparagus sauteed with carrot and split pigeon peas giving pleasure to eat.


prep time : 10 mins, cooking time : 12 mins, cuisine : Indian, serves : 4, author : gloria

recipe source : my own


1 bunch of white asparagus (washed, peeled, trimmed and chopped)

¼ cup carrot (washed, peeled and chopped)

¼ cup shallots sliced

½ tbsp garlic chopped

1 red chilly pepper or serrano pepper or green chilly chopped

¼ tsp mustard seeds

¼ tsp cumin seeds

½ tsp turmeric powder

¼ tsp crushed pepper (optional)

a handful of toor dal (split pigeon peas)

½ cup water

½ tsp lemon juice (optional)

salt to taste



Wash toor dal (split pigeon peas) nicely and soak it for few minutes. This helps to speed up cooking.

Meanwhile, take a pan, tip in oil. When it heats up add mustard seeds. Once it begins to crackle add cumin seeds. Saute for few seconds.

Add curry leaves, shallots, garlic and chilly. Saute till shallots turn soft and translucent, stirring occasionally on medium heat.

Add turmeric powder and drained dal; adding ½ cup water. Cover with a lid and cook till al dente. Add salt.

Now, Tip in carrots and cook further till it is soft. At this stage, add asparagus and cook it briefly so that the crispiness and colour is retained.

Garnish with crushed pepper and lemon juice.

Share and enjoy!!!

My observations/notes:

– to control the spice factor of the dish I added ½ tsp of lemon juice

– while buying asparagus check for the ones that have firm spears and snaps when bent. the flavour of this beautiful vegetable will be lost if overcooked

– can use any lentils for this preparation

– can use green asparagus instead of white